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Petit Chat Sunset Dress

The Sunset from Petit Chat isn't a new product, but because Kitty missed it when it was available at an event, so Kitty is going to show you today.

The Sunset is a simple 1 piece dress with 1 piece alpha, so its like the fastest thing you can put on and just go onto the walkway! 

The Silky texture of the Sunset is of course not just for sunset. Look at how well it is even at a sunrise!

It comes in a huge collection of colors so make sure you find the right one for yourself. For Kitty, Black is always welcome.

Sunset is however one of the best time for this dress as it looks really fabulous under the right light.

There are even a nice greenish color for those of you who love the natural look of it. And it does look very natural even on its own.

There is always a magic about the reddish look and the setting sun and the Sunset dress brings that magic out perfectly.

Like to have a little island adventure with Kitty? Now it's time!

Get your Sunset Dress at Petit Chat Main Store:

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