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LR Kraken Fan

The Kraken Fan is the latest release from LR Weapons and it is not just some casual fan for cooling down, it is also a deadly weapon which can inflict dagger or slave damage with support for most systems such as DCS, CCS, GM etc 

The default color you will get when you first draw the fan would be Green, but of course there is also a HUD to let you make changes. While Green might not suit what Kitty is wearing now, it is the perfect color for say... a Lovecraftian theme and maybe thus the name Kraken.

The HUD allows you to change not just the color of the fan, but the wooden parts as well and can you guess what is Kitty's favorite?

Ta-Da, This is Kitty's combination. But of course it doesn't cost any extra to own Kraken of different color, all you need to do is to wear the HUD and you can change it as if you own many fans! Of course, you can hide or totally detach the HUD when you do not need it at all.

The fan is always Kitty's favorite assassin weapon, especially in a Kimono. The Katana would be lethal but too obvious. Can you see where Kitty hies the fan when its sheath? 

Here is a close up if you missed it. And you even get both Left and Right fan. Of course, the left one is only as a shield if the sim permits.

So, here is the good news. LR is featuring this weapon at the We Love Roleplay event at:

And you get 25% off the retail price now. But you better hurry!

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