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En Nagare Zakura

Nagare Zakura is a kimono from En, which is only available on Marketplace now. Although this is not a new Kimono, but at $100L, it is one of the best kimono you can get for this winter!

Nagare Zakura literally means sakura flower of the flowing water and it has just that flowy texture all over the multiple layers on the kimono. It even comes with a set of hair as shown in the poster for you if you want to use it. So that is almost like getting a hair plus the kimono for the same price! Kitty do love the hair accessory though and it does looks perfect even on her natural hair.

The back of the kimono has a huge magenta ribbon on it and you can see the multiple layers of the kimono lower skirt even clearly on the back. IF you had notice, there is also a nice fur stall (fake fur I hope) on the front so you can tell that this is the perfect kimono for the cold winter.

Get the pink Nagare Zakura or check out other colors as well from En on marketplace:

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