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Bare Rose Tsukuyomi Lady

Bare Rose has released Tsukuyomi Lady (as well as Tsukuyomi) a while and it also happens to be one of the featured outfit at 2017 Hatu Haru Kimono Ichi  (2017初春着物市) held at Milky House:

Tsukuyomi (月読) is the Moon God or in this case Goddess in Japanese legends and the first thing you will notice of this outfit is the cloud barriers as well as the Moon hovering ahead. These are very unique accessories that doesn't come with most other outfit, not even Bare Rose.

From the back view you will notice... Kitty has a really black tail... No I mean the outfit! You will see how majestic the godly cape and spines looks like. Can you feel an aura of moonly energy from Kitty?

Up close you can see the beautiful moon necklace as well as huge tiara which nobody could miss.

Feel like being a Moon Goddess today? Grab your own Tsukuyomi Lady at the event above or at Bare Rose Main Store:

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