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Petit Chat Rendez-Vous Sweater

Petit Chat Rendez-Vous is a set of sweater and pants and in this post, Kitty will show you the Sweater.

You can also check out the pants posted here:

Petit Chat had included a really nice color chart (with model) and you can see all the colors (but not all the combinations!) displayed here. So there are many many ways you can wear this. But Kitty is goign to let you find that out on your own. Instead, she will only be showing you how the sweater look on its own and since you can see all the colors here, she will again select 3 of her favorites.

Cadet Blue sound like the Navy but this is slightly more greenish than the standard blue color uniform you normally would imagine. Because this is mesh and supports most mesh body out there, you will get really good fit with them with minimum adjustment if any.

Ice Coffee is light brownish and looks as tasty as you can imagine. Hello, the sweater is up here. Focus! Look at the nice curves on her back! Aren't it cute and cooling? What, No, no! Not that curve...!  

Carbon is a unique color and it stands out on its own being almost black but not as normal as just black. Look at the shine of the sweater under the lighting! Now who says sweater in a single color need to be dull?

You can always mix and match with the pants to build many combinations, but you might want to get it quick at the Penumbra before it closes:

After that happens, you will have to wait till mid November to buy it from Petit Chat Main Store:

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