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Petit Chat My Felt Hat

My Felt Hat from Petit Chat is a cute little hat for all the summer and autumn weather and it comes with a HUD which gives you lots of variation and colors!

Look how well one of the color actually blend in with the Momo Kukuri from Bare Rose:

But this is just the front of the hat, the secret is on the side of the hat!

The side of the hat comes with 3 variations including stars, hearts and petals. This is the petals and it comes with a HUD where you can customize the band, petals and hat color.

The Hearts version is cute with little hearts and bigger hearts on the band. Again, let the HUD be the limit to how you can customize this. But Kitty would advise you to at least try pink! 

Petals comes with a four leaf on the band and Kitty say it is good luck even if this is not clover!  

The HUD is easy to use, just click the color for the sections you would love to change and it will change magically! How Kitty wish everyuthing comes with a HUD like this!

My Felt Hat is Petit Chat's entry to the Lost and Found Event and it will end in Dec. So hurry before you miss this chance to wear something as cute as Kitty:

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