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Petit Chat Ella Gown

The Ella Gown from Petit chat is a material enabled mesh gown that comes in 6 colors with nice silky texture build just for your curves!

The Gold Ella is has a solid bright and smooth texture while radiates with a really royal feel to the gown. Look at how smooth it feels. This is almost like liquid gold!

Liquorice is the next color and like before, it is also smooth and the material really shows when you have the right settings. The cute spaghetti strap that runs over the shoulder to the back also give your back plenty of exposure it needs. 

Plums comes with the green ribbon and it should be the best choice if you are a great fan of contrasting colors. Looks like Kitty got just the perfect hair for this too!

Rose comes with a dark rosey color for the ribbons and straps instead and it fits most color easily as the dress is of a lighter shades. Kitty loves this combination most of all because the color blends just nice to her hair!

If you prefer a darker shade for the dress, then Ruby is the color you should consider as this shines redddish just like a ruby and the darker ribbon also makes it perfect so that the dress is not too bright.

The last color is Steel and it is a grayish color, but a very bright kind of grey. I am sure this won't be one of the 50 shades. This is the one you should consider if you are in a bright and cheerful mood!

Ella is featured at the Penumbra FashionWeek AW16, which is located at :

But if the event is over, you should be able to find this in Petit Chat Main Store in mid November:

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