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Petit Chat Rendez-Vous Pants

The Rendez-Vous is a set of sweater and pants for the Penumbra FashionWeek AW16 and Kitty will show you the Pants in this post.

The Sweater will be posted here:

Here are all the colors for the sweaters and pants and Kitty will show you 3 of her favorites pants colors here.

The Peach is a reddish looking pants and it is one of the best color to bring out the details of the texture on the pants as you can see here. Moreover, anything red is easy to fit most other colors!

If Peach was too red for you, try the Pink Lavender which is less red, but more blue and it is really unique in its color. You should find this mild and subtle in terms of color, but not so when it comes to being elegant and fashionable.

The Teal is one of the outstanding color because it is blueish and it has a nice skin colored stripe on it making it really really eye catching.

So, what is your favorite color? Try them out at the Penumbra while it last:

Or you will have to wait till mid November at Petit Chat Main Store:

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