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LR She'vo Machete

The LR She'vo Machete is a formidable dagger or sword weapon that does 35% and 40% damage despite its simple and wooden look.

As most shield, the She'vo shield straps nicely to your back firmly and it almost feels like a turtle shell so there is little worries of getting back stabbed with this shield even in sheath mode. 

There are 2 position to sheath the main Machete. One of them is obviously on the back if you had notice close enough to the first picture and the other is hanging it comfortably on the side around your waist. Despite the long length of the weapon, it doesn't get in the way at all. And this is one of Kitty's favorite weapon for the jungles.

When the shield is up, it is large and protects you very well against most weapons. As with other LR weapons, even the shield is fast in draw and provides high performance when it is required.

The Machete is a sharp long blade that can do more than just chopping woods in the jungle. When using the weapons, there are altogether 14 nice realistic animations and it even come with male and female sounds. The Machete will of course feature all the LR weapon functions such as zero draw time, soft trigger, aim priority and autofire, to name a few.

In terms of HUD, it supports the standard LR Weapon HUD as well as this, which is the She'vo resize and color HUD. Look at the amount of customization on the texture for not just the machete, but the shield as well. Of course, the size of the weapons can be adjust with high precision to fit your avatar as well. 

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