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LR Munkor Trident + Bare Rose The Ancient One Mr

The Munkor Trident is made of MESH and it is a klaive at 35-40%, spear and polearm, all depending on how ytou want to roleplay it within sim restriction. There are multiple tine and texture on the HUD including customization for the weapon as well as the spear. And obviously you can resize this too depending on how big you want it compared to your avatar.

You may remember this outfit from Bare Rose named The Old One:

Well here is the Mr version which of course stands for MESH and this is not the first time Kitty had decided to put LR Weapons together with a Bare Rose outfit. Somehow they always seems to put the right things together at the same time. So here we have a Kitty as the Athenia Ancient One with a awesome trident and spear! Don't you think they are so perfectly matched! Pay attention to the texture of the trident, even under the setting sun. 

The trident is not the only impressive item in this set. Look at the beautiful Celtic woven shield! There are a few colors for you to choose from using the HUD that comes with this weapon set and you can be sure it will impress anyone.

When sheathed, the shield and trident rest nicely on your back, out of harm's way, so nobody will get hurt as you walked around. But as any other LR weapon, you can be very sure once you provoke this Ancient One, you will find the weapon and shield ready in almost no time and if you are unlucky, you will be doing PPAP with the trident and shield soon enough. Tell me then if the trident hurt your body more or the shield on your head... LOL

Ok, here is the good news. Why not get a set for your own, as a defense at least and you can get 25% off now at the We Love Roleplay event:

And if you are interested to join the Ancient Ones, you can always grab The Old One Mr at Bare Rose:

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