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Bare Rose Attaka Sailor

The Attaka Sailor from Bare Rose is a nice sailor uniform which comes with a variations of inner, outer and ribbons.

Looks like Kitty is ready for school again! This is the Attaka Sailor with Light Yellow outer, Black inner and a nice Red Ribbon!

Kitty saw a notice about school uniform standards, but she is sure this would fit the bill! After all, do you know that schools in Japan all uses the sailor uniforms? How about a change of the inner to Dark Blue instead?

Comes sit down and have lunch with Kitty! There is also a variation with the other White and Yellow Ribbon! It is rather striking!

If you love White Ribbon, then you are in luck, because there is indeed one too and look at how fitting the Attaka Sailor uniform is! It is definitely a time to get back to school today!

Come meet Kitty at the back of the school, but after you got your uniform from Bare Rose at:

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