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Bare Rose Attaka Sailor

The Attaka Sailor from Bare Rose is a nice sailor uniform which comes with a variations of inner, outer and ribbons.

Looks like Kitty is ready for school again! This is the Attaka Sailor with Light Yellow outer, Black inner and a nice Red Ribbon!

Kitty saw a notice about school uniform standards, but she is sure this would fit the bill! After all, do you know that schools in Japan all uses the sailor uniforms? How about a change of the inner to Dark Blue instead?

Comes sit down and have lunch with Kitty! There is also a variation with the other White and Yellow Ribbon! It is rather striking!

If you love White Ribbon, then you are in luck, because there is indeed one too and look at how fitting the Attaka Sailor uniform is! It is definitely a time to get back to school today!

Come meet Kitty at the back of the school, but after you got your uniform from Bare Rose at:

Bare Rose Ribobon

Bare Rose Ribobon is a fun and cute outfit to be in, especially when dancing, swinging and twirling around with the cute little ribbons in red checkered clothes flying in the air. It feels so free!

From the front, from head to toes, you will see ribbons and thus the name of the outfit. There are even ribbons on the hair and the cute boots! This outfit is definitely going to turn some heads on the dance floor!

The back of the outfit will show you ... more ribbons of course. And the uncovered back, gives you just the cooling you need to make the dance a good one and like Kitty always said, Red with Black, you cannot go wrong on this one!

You can find the Ribobon at Bare Rose Main Store :


LR She'vo Machete

The LR She'vo Machete is a formidable dagger or sword weapon that does 35% and 40% damage despite its simple and wooden look.

As most shield, the She'vo shield straps nicely to your back firmly and it almost feels like a turtle shell so there is little worries of getting back stabbed with this shield even in sheath mode. 

There are 2 position to sheath the main Machete. One of them is obviously on the back if you had notice close enough to the first picture and the other is hanging it comfortably on the side around your waist. Despite the long length of the weapon, it doesn't get in the way at all. And this is one of Kitty's favorite weapon for the jungles.

When the shield is up, it is large and protects you very well against most weapons. As with other LR weapons, even the shield is fast in draw and provides high performance when it is required.

The Machete is a sharp long blade that can do more than just chopping woods in the jungle. When using the weapons, there are altogether 14 nice realistic animations and it even come with male and female sounds. The Machete will of course feature all the LR weapon functions such as zero draw time, soft trigger, aim priority and autofire, to name a few.

In terms of HUD, it supports the standard LR Weapon HUD as well as this, which is the She'vo resize and color HUD. Look at the amount of customization on the texture for not just the machete, but the shield as well. Of course, the size of the weapons can be adjust with high precision to fit your avatar as well. 

Get the She'vo Machete today at LR Weapons Main Store:


Petit Chat My Felt Hat

My Felt Hat from Petit Chat is a cute little hat for all the summer and autumn weather and it comes with a HUD which gives you lots of variation and colors!

Look how well one of the color actually blend in with the Momo Kukuri from Bare Rose:

But this is just the front of the hat, the secret is on the side of the hat!

The side of the hat comes with 3 variations including stars, hearts and petals. This is the petals and it comes with a HUD where you can customize the band, petals and hat color.

The Hearts version is cute with little hearts and bigger hearts on the band. Again, let the HUD be the limit to how you can customize this. But Kitty would advise you to at least try pink! 

Petals comes with a four leaf on the band and Kitty say it is good luck even if this is not clover!  

The HUD is easy to use, just click the color for the sections you would love to change and it will change magically! How Kitty wish everyuthing comes with a HUD like this!

My Felt Hat is Petit Chat's entry to the Lost and Found Event and it will end in Dec. So hurry before you miss this chance to wear something as cute as Kitty:


Petit Chat Ram Bracelets

The Ram Bracelets is the new item from Petit Chat for the Marvelous Monthly Event.  

The Bracelets comes in 4 sets of different texture and 3 colors in each texture group. That is quite a few combinations. This is the Black Leather version.

For waterproofing, there is the Rubber set and this is the Red version of Rubber.

In the Pastel set, there is the Nacre Blue which is lighter in color and definitely goes well with this outfit Kitty is wearing now.

And this is the ultimate match for this Bare Rose Momo Kukuri outfit posted at:

Yes, this is the Pink Glitter and if attraction is what you are looking for then this is it!

Get the Ram Bracelets from the Marvelous Monthy Event at:


Petit Chat Rendez-Vous Sweater

Petit Chat Rendez-Vous is a set of sweater and pants and in this post, Kitty will show you the Sweater.

You can also check out the pants posted here:

Petit Chat had included a really nice color chart (with model) and you can see all the colors (but not all the combinations!) displayed here. So there are many many ways you can wear this. But Kitty is goign to let you find that out on your own. Instead, she will only be showing you how the sweater look on its own and since you can see all the colors here, she will again select 3 of her favorites.

Cadet Blue sound like the Navy but this is slightly more greenish than the standard blue color uniform you normally would imagine. Because this is mesh and supports most mesh body out there, you will get really good fit with them with minimum adjustment if any.

Ice Coffee is light brownish and looks as tasty as you can imagine. Hello, the sweater is up here. Focus! Look at the nice curves on her back! Aren't it cute and cooling? What, No, no! Not that curve...!  

Carbon is a unique color and it stands out on its own being almost black but not as normal as just black. Look at the shine of the sweater under the lighting! Now who says sweater in a single color need to be dull?

You can always mix and match with the pants to build many combinations, but you might want to get it quick at the Penumbra before it closes:

After that happens, you will have to wait till mid November to buy it from Petit Chat Main Store:

Petit Chat Rendez-Vous Pants

The Rendez-Vous is a set of sweater and pants for the Penumbra FashionWeek AW16 and Kitty will show you the Pants in this post.

The Sweater will be posted here:

Here are all the colors for the sweaters and pants and Kitty will show you 3 of her favorites pants colors here.

The Peach is a reddish looking pants and it is one of the best color to bring out the details of the texture on the pants as you can see here. Moreover, anything red is easy to fit most other colors!

If Peach was too red for you, try the Pink Lavender which is less red, but more blue and it is really unique in its color. You should find this mild and subtle in terms of color, but not so when it comes to being elegant and fashionable.

The Teal is one of the outstanding color because it is blueish and it has a nice skin colored stripe on it making it really really eye catching.

So, what is your favorite color? Try them out at the Penumbra while it last:

Or you will have to wait till mid November at Petit Chat Main Store:

Petit Chat Ella Gown

The Ella Gown from Petit chat is a material enabled mesh gown that comes in 6 colors with nice silky texture build just for your curves!

The Gold Ella is has a solid bright and smooth texture while radiates with a really royal feel to the gown. Look at how smooth it feels. This is almost like liquid gold!

Liquorice is the next color and like before, it is also smooth and the material really shows when you have the right settings. The cute spaghetti strap that runs over the shoulder to the back also give your back plenty of exposure it needs. 

Plums comes with the green ribbon and it should be the best choice if you are a great fan of contrasting colors. Looks like Kitty got just the perfect hair for this too!

Rose comes with a dark rosey color for the ribbons and straps instead and it fits most color easily as the dress is of a lighter shades. Kitty loves this combination most of all because the color blends just nice to her hair!

If you prefer a darker shade for the dress, then Ruby is the color you should consider as this shines redddish just like a ruby and the darker ribbon also makes it perfect so that the dress is not too bright.

The last color is Steel and it is a grayish color, but a very bright kind of grey. I am sure this won't be one of the 50 shades. This is the one you should consider if you are in a bright and cheerful mood!

Ella is featured at the Penumbra FashionWeek AW16, which is located at :

But if the event is over, you should be able to find this in Petit Chat Main Store in mid November:

Brii Move Yourself Hunt

The month, Brii Underground Wear us running the Move Yourself Hunt featuring 10 outfit once again at $1L each and this time, there are 3 outfit for guys too! So, yes, this is definitely a hunt to look forward to.

It's time to move your ass and go find the prizes at Brii Main Store:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.