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Petit Chat Indian Summer

Indian Summer is the latest release from Petit Chat and it feature a skirt and top with 10 selectable colors for you to mix and match. Looks like the summer aren't over yet!

Kitty is going all pink on the top as well as the skirt and can you feel the smooth fabric on the skirt and see those beautiful waves on the top! This is just one of the many many combinations (In fact 100 of them) you can do with the fantastic HUD for this outfit.

Not a fan of same colors? Well, why not try different colors and you could end up with really nice combos that you might love like this green top and cyan skirt. Don't you already feel the hot summer heat cooling down just by wearing this?

The Indian Summer is available at the Marvelous Monthly event held at:

Take your time, but this won't last forever! (In fact, it ends on 25 October 2016!)

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