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Petit Chat Crystalline

The Crystallite is a nice pair of jewelery from Petit Chat for the Inspiration September event and these are really cute earrings and necklace which comes in a really nice little globes!

These are the default pink when you first put them on, but like all jewelery, you will really need to see them up close to appreciate them!

The earrings are really stunning with the nice rainbow refraction of the light and the little globes are just too cute to be ignored! 

And this is... The same earring, but with a little adjustment to the color. But notice that yellow glow? Kitty did not touch that, all that magic is done by the light itself!

The necklace is similarly beautiful with a customizable strap and the same cutie globe in the center of it chained with a ring!  
The Necklace comes with a nice HUD where you can customized various parts of it. Kitty will not spoil your fun playing around with the dreaming lighting on your own!

Similarly, there is a HUD for the earrings too and with enough options to make a handful of combinations possible. Did you notice that even the HUD is transparent like the crystal ball?

Get these jewelery at the Inspiration September event:

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