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Bare Rose The Old One

The Old One is Bare Rose's Entry to the Genre - Lovecraft event for October and this is one really Lovecraftian looking outfit which is both wet, sexy and very Halloween outfit!

The Old One is being sold at $95L and it is a great bargain for such a fully Mesh outfit and definitely eye catching for the Halloween party.

The Old One is based on Lovecraftian Horror so it is natural to be very aquatic in nature, making this perfect as a swim wear! In a way, this is as sexy as you can get without being indecent as all that required hiding is hidden. However, do not mistaken the friendly pink look. Afterall, this is The Old One. Try to be funny and you will suffer the consequences.

But nothing is wrong if you are enjoying your seaside sunset and relaxing even in this outfit. It is Mesh and that often means that it is great even in most poses and sitting position like shown here. Come join Kitty, The Old One here. But first you need to get the outfit! :P

This is featured at the Genre - Lovecraft event which probably last till October only:

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