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Get Frocked Halloween

All you need is a group and you can get 10 totally free items from the shop. If you find them.

This will end on 1st Nov:

Livingtree Trick or Treat Hunt

8 Nice Cauldrons and 8 Free gifts. But you got to find them on the Island at Livingtree!

There are only a few days left, so hurry:


Bare Rose The Old One

The Old One is Bare Rose's Entry to the Genre - Lovecraft event for October and this is one really Lovecraftian looking outfit which is both wet, sexy and very Halloween outfit!

The Old One is being sold at $95L and it is a great bargain for such a fully Mesh outfit and definitely eye catching for the Halloween party.

The Old One is based on Lovecraftian Horror so it is natural to be very aquatic in nature, making this perfect as a swim wear! In a way, this is as sexy as you can get without being indecent as all that required hiding is hidden. However, do not mistaken the friendly pink look. Afterall, this is The Old One. Try to be funny and you will suffer the consequences.

But nothing is wrong if you are enjoying your seaside sunset and relaxing even in this outfit. It is Mesh and that often means that it is great even in most poses and sitting position like shown here. Come join Kitty, The Old One here. But first you need to get the outfit! :P

This is featured at the Genre - Lovecraft event which probably last till October only:

Brii Dilma

Dilma is a clown outfit right for the Halloween and it is colorful and flashy! This is also a $1L outfit for the Halloween Hunt at Brii:

No matter what is your mood, there is always time for clowning around in a colorful outfit.

Unlike most other clown outfit, this outfit is only half colorful. The other half is in black. That is what makes this really unique and you can be sure that the makeup and also be really spooky if you want to make it so for the Halloween.

Get into your clown suit soon or Kitty the Clown is coming after you, at midnight:

Brii Anu

Anu is a Burlesque style outfit from Brii Underground Wear and it is one of the prizes in the Halloween Hunt:

Yes, that means it is only $1L.

The most stunning part of the outfit is that is it... Black and there is a very attractive large hat which is sure to catch attention. This seems to be a good outfit without looking too weird for the Halloween!

The stockings and mini skirts makes this outfit really cute and there are appliers for various mesh body too.

Find this at Brii Main Store today:


Brii Fabrice

Sometimes, its not always about spooky and dark when it comes to Halloween and here is a perfect outfit when that time comes. The Fabrice is a red fairy style outfit from Brii Underground Wear which is actually free and it is a nice mesh dress for the occasion.

The Fabrice feature a nice dress with fishnet stockings and a pair of matching boots. Oh, it will not be complete without a pair of nice huge butterfly wings!

Here is the back view which give you a detail view of the huge wings and its enchanting patterns.

Get this at Brii Main Store:

Brii Skeleton Avatar

Out of idea for a Halloween costume? Do not want to look the same as everyone else? Well, here is one idea. Skeleton! Yes, like those from the undead and plenty much onboard the curse Black Pearl on its never ending voyage! And this is a $1L complete avatar with invisibility layer, totally from Brii Underground Wear!

I wonder where is Kitty!.... Do you see her?

And this is not just any skeleton! Its a highly detailed skeleton. Well, time for Biology, kids. Make sure you do your homework, or Kitty the scary Skeleton is coming for you this Halloween!

Get your own scary Skeleton avatar at:

Brii Halloween Hunt

Brii Underground Wear is back with a Halloween Hunt for October and there are 10 fantastic outfit to be found at $1L each! Whether you wanted to be BatGirl, Freddy Kruger or even a plain witch, there is something for everyone.

There is no excuse for not having a costume for the Halloween party this year! Find them all at:

Petit Chat Indian Summer

Indian Summer is the latest release from Petit Chat and it feature a skirt and top with 10 selectable colors for you to mix and match. Looks like the summer aren't over yet!

Kitty is going all pink on the top as well as the skirt and can you feel the smooth fabric on the skirt and see those beautiful waves on the top! This is just one of the many many combinations (In fact 100 of them) you can do with the fantastic HUD for this outfit.

Not a fan of same colors? Well, why not try different colors and you could end up with really nice combos that you might love like this green top and cyan skirt. Don't you already feel the hot summer heat cooling down just by wearing this?

The Indian Summer is available at the Marvelous Monthly event held at:

Take your time, but this won't last forever! (In fact, it ends on 25 October 2016!)



Its a long post and in support for protest against money hungry big corporation... I will not blog any
SeraphimSL related events of items.

Full story:

I can't even be bothered to tag and label SeraphimSL, so don't bother looking for related post on my blog.


Petit Chat Crystalline

The Crystallite is a nice pair of jewelery from Petit Chat for the Inspiration September event and these are really cute earrings and necklace which comes in a really nice little globes!

These are the default pink when you first put them on, but like all jewelery, you will really need to see them up close to appreciate them!

The earrings are really stunning with the nice rainbow refraction of the light and the little globes are just too cute to be ignored! 

And this is... The same earring, but with a little adjustment to the color. But notice that yellow glow? Kitty did not touch that, all that magic is done by the light itself!

The necklace is similarly beautiful with a customizable strap and the same cutie globe in the center of it chained with a ring!  
The Necklace comes with a nice HUD where you can customized various parts of it. Kitty will not spoil your fun playing around with the dreaming lighting on your own!

Similarly, there is a HUD for the earrings too and with enough options to make a handful of combinations possible. Did you notice that even the HUD is transparent like the crystal ball?

Get these jewelery at the Inspiration September event:

Bare Rose Flor De Oro

The Flor De Oro is a release in September in Bare Rose which is everything heavenly with nice laces like wings and lots of golden shiny ornaments. In fact, it would not be wrong to call this an angelic outfit.

This is how dreamy and beautiful it looks on Kitty and it can too for you too! When put into the right light and mood, this outfit radiates an aura of serenity and vibrancy. Do you get the feeling you have been in heaven now?

A close up of the outfit shows the golden plated sun and vines patterns over a transparent body suit for the top and impressive feathers and laces around the large angelic wings. And who can miss the huge sunshine halo which bright light and laughter even in the darkest of times.

Want to be the special happy angel for someone special, definitely should consider getting the Flor De Oro from Bare Rose Main Store:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.