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Petit Chat Holidays Pants

The Holidays pants is a companion pants that goes well with the Holidays shirt which Petit Chat has presented in the Marvelous Event:

The pants are highly detailed and you can feel how fitting it is just from the look of it. It makes good for the casual holidays or simply for easy sports too!
The pants feature a similar HUD and it also comes in 8 different colors for you to choose and match whatever you are wearing.

The tight fitting on the pants ensure your body curves are nicely presented without the baggy and dragging feel of loose pants. This makes it a good choice for walks and jogs during the coming fall.

It does look good, especially together with the Holidays shirt designed for this. Plus you have 64 possible combinations of colors if you get them both!

You will find the Holidays pants for sales as individuals colors (L$90) or together as a fatpack ($390) at the Marvelous Monthly event:

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