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Petit Chat Beaded Sandals

The Beaded Sandals is the latest footwear from Petit Chat and it is one of the best causal footwear so far because this not only support normal feet, but also Slink and Maitreya feet at no additional cost! What's more you get a HUD to control the finest details on this cute little pair of sandals.

And this is the White version.... Wait, Of Course Not! If you are wearing it this way, you have not gotten the HUD working and has missed out the best of this sandals! Let's read the instructions!

So there are 4 sections which controls the various texture from left to right : Beads1, Beads2, Strings and Base. At least that is what Kitty calls it. Now click around and go "Wow!" with the sandals and we will be right back after the short break....
The HUD is easy to use, but make sure you click the top icon before you click the color. As this contains the most favorite of Kitty's color, so naturally  you would expect Red and Black to be in the next photo...

Look at how beautiful it is after all the textured being applied. And this is the best, so you will have to trust Kitty and just buy it! Well, ok, maybe one or two more colors, but not ALL! There are 8 different HUD available for this sandals and comes with similar options to mix and match the beads, strings and base.

Rose are Red and Violet are Blue... So you if love both, then buy the Blue too! The nice part of the Blue version is that it comes with the yellow beads, which are quite striking aren't they? Check out the rest of the colors too and I am sure you will find at least 1 you like!

When the creator, Trinity, said that this is fully textured. She wasn't kidding. The textured even include the bottom of the sandals as you can see here. Look at how detail that is. It is almost as good as real it can get.

This item is being sold at The Book of Daniel fundraising event for Daniel Estro. You can read all about it at the notecard here:

Petit Chat is only one out of the 124 Designers at the event, but would be the only one carrying the Beaded Sandals! LOL

P.S. There is one thing you cannot do like what playful Kitty used to. That is wearing 2 sandals of different color. Well, at least not that Kitty know of. But would you? Or it that just very Kitty...

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