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Brii Jadwiga

The Jadwiga is a applier in the Risque series from Brii Underground Wear and you know that mean this is hot and sexy!

The Jadwiga comes in 5 colors and this is the Red version. Because it is an applier, it is very easy to wear it. It is like a suit tailored to your body! Just click the right applier and you got it. In fact, in this out, the only thing you need to actually wear is your shoe. Can you see the edges on this nice lingerie?

 Here is the back view, but in Black. And who feel the temperature is hot? Anyway, Jadwiga support Slink, Omega and so vis Omega, it support Maitreya too, which is what Kitty is wearing now!

The shoes are made for Slink High and they are really cute and comes in 5 colors too! Notice how the cute ribbon really makes this pair of shoe really attractive!

Get your own Jadwiga at Brii Underground Wear today:

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