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Bare Rose Wannabe Fairy C2Mr

Ever feel like you want to be a fairy? Well, this is exactly the inspiration behind Bare Rose new Wannabe Fairy C2. Kitty is reviewing the Mesh version for Maitreya today.

This outfit is filled with flowers, flowers and more flowers. From the flower crown, to the caned wings, it full of flowers. This must be a fantasy come true for anyone who loves to be surrounded with flowers. 

There are 2 version of color for the top as well, one in Green and the other in Pink. Both are really pretty and light in color so that it would bring out the cheerfulness and happiness of a fairy inside you.

And here is a close up of the caned wings from the back. It is beautifully crafted and you can see even tiny details like the flower petals and did you notice how many ribbons are there on the dress? Even the laces and folds are of extremely high quality.

Check out the Wannebe Fairy C2 at Bare Rose:

There are of course a C1 version, as well as flat and non-mesh version of this outfit as well. Make sure you find them at Bare Rose Main Store!

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