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Bare Rose Alka

The Alka is the latest gothic outfit featuring material and it is the perfect outfit for Vampire Roleplay any day!

The Gothic dress has a highly detailed texture of black and white with laces and ribbons. It comes with really nice high stockings and even a little pair of black classic Lolita shoes. This is exactly how a innocent vampire girl would look.

From the back view, you can obviously see the large ribbon in black and white stripes as well as a pair of cute little wings on the back. It may not be big enough to fly, but it definitely boosts the cute level of the outfit!

Here is another close up so that you can see the detail texture up close. If you look hard enough, you would notice there is even a nice headdress. Now maybe you would be convinced to come closer so that Kitty can touch that nice soft skin of yours...

Well, you can also get this fabulous look at Bare Rose:

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