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Brii Kasandra

Everyone loves a girl in uniform, especially a sexy one! This is exactly what the Kasandra from Brii Underground Wear is! It is an applier in the Risque series and so expect to wear very little for this outfit!

Despite this being a uniform like, it is very sexy and hot! And this hotness comes in 5 colors you can easily choose from the HUD. If appliers is not your thing, you can still choose the regular outfit and put on the colors you love.

If you think the front is sexy, you should check out the back, with the nice little panties and high boots, this is almost indecent, well that is why it is in the Risque series!

Feeling some uniform play today? Grab your own Kasandra at Brii Underground Wear Main Store:

Brii Jadwiga

The Jadwiga is a applier in the Risque series from Brii Underground Wear and you know that mean this is hot and sexy!

The Jadwiga comes in 5 colors and this is the Red version. Because it is an applier, it is very easy to wear it. It is like a suit tailored to your body! Just click the right applier and you got it. In fact, in this out, the only thing you need to actually wear is your shoe. Can you see the edges on this nice lingerie?

 Here is the back view, but in Black. And who feel the temperature is hot? Anyway, Jadwiga support Slink, Omega and so vis Omega, it support Maitreya too, which is what Kitty is wearing now!

The shoes are made for Slink High and they are really cute and comes in 5 colors too! Notice how the cute ribbon really makes this pair of shoe really attractive!

Get your own Jadwiga at Brii Underground Wear today:


Brii Kaolin Red

Kaolin is a warrior like Post Apocalypse style complete outfit from Brii Underground Wear. Kitty is going to try out the Red version today!

This mesh outfit fits nicely onto the Maitreya body which Kitty is wearing now and there is even an applier for you to put on the stockings etc. So it is really easy. 

This close up let you see the details of the chains and studs on the battle skirts and top. You may also notice how detail the collar is too. A definite recommendation for those who love battle dress like this. It may be post apocalypse, but when a girl need to fight, she knows Kaolin is the right outfit for it!

Get your own Kaolin at Brii Main Store:

Brii Kairos Black

Kairos is a new Rock style outfit from Brii Underground Wear which feature a short skirt with a leather jacket and it is of course available in Black.

The outfit feel really nice with the leather texture and it comes with jewelery and boots too. But since they are separate items you are free to have them on separately too. 

Not only is the front of the jacket really cool, so is the back. In fact, this outfit is almost like a Super Heroine uniform, like that which Blackwidow worn. Do you think Kitty would make a good Super Heroine in this outfit?

Get your own Kairos Black or check out the 2 other colors at Brii Main Store:

Brii Karen Blue

Karen is a new Mesh outfit release from Brii Underground Wear which feature a nice cooling dress with lots of flowers on the headband and sandals.

Karen comes in 3 color and Kitty is showing you the Blue color here. Do you agree it feels like you are in Hawaii? 

Karen seems like a nice relaxing dress to be in, although it consist mainly of very few pieces, but it works for Mesh body including Maitreya and Slink.

Here you have a view of the back view and you can see even the blue ribbon on Kitty's back is in good detail because it is Mesh. A close up of the texture on the dress here let you see the flowery patterns easily.

Grab your Karen today at Brii Underground Wear today:


Bare Rose Night Marchioness

The Night Marchioness is a fantasy outfit for girls release in September by Bare Rose and it features a good blending of a falcon look, with 3 pairs of a wings like the seraphim's and comes together into a noble looking dress. 

Here is a close up of the outfit with everything on and you can even see there is a cute little noble looking glass and a very intimating helm. Together with the red and black colors, I guess that is a clear sign you should not mess with Kitty in 

From head to top, the outfit almost 20 pieces including alphas for various options and you can decide if you want some or even all the pieces together, giving you lots of flexibility. And watch out for those thorny heels. That really pack a power kick there.

And here is a back view of the Night Marchioness. Gaze at the glory of the dark seraphic wings. You can also decide if you want some or all of them of course.

Get this kick ass outfit at Bare Rose Main Store:


Bare Rose Daidarabotchi Treasure Hunt

Bare Rose is having another Treasure Hunt and it is another wonderful story again with a full set of outfit for all sizes and sexes. Plus of course there is a bonus item. It is an additional Daidarabotchi Avatar!

Start your hunt today as this will only run till 2 Oct and there is only 4 Chapters and a Bonus to find. This should be easy and fun for everyone!

Read about the secret of the gigantic guardian here:

Bare Rose Alka

The Alka is the latest gothic outfit featuring material and it is the perfect outfit for Vampire Roleplay any day!

The Gothic dress has a highly detailed texture of black and white with laces and ribbons. It comes with really nice high stockings and even a little pair of black classic Lolita shoes. This is exactly how a innocent vampire girl would look.

From the back view, you can obviously see the large ribbon in black and white stripes as well as a pair of cute little wings on the back. It may not be big enough to fly, but it definitely boosts the cute level of the outfit!

Here is another close up so that you can see the detail texture up close. If you look hard enough, you would notice there is even a nice headdress. Now maybe you would be convinced to come closer so that Kitty can touch that nice soft skin of yours...

Well, you can also get this fabulous look at Bare Rose:


Brii Kellen

Kellen is another hunt prize from the Pretty Little Liars Hunt of Brii Underground Wear:
This is a simple, but complete outfit featuring a black, almost working lady dress, except its shorter of course.

While the dress look pretty formal, believe it, it is still quite comfortable even when relaxing. The black dress is very detail with the little laces on the edge as well as the buttons on the top. What's more, this is just a $1L item if you can find it in the hunt.

And here is the formal look of the dress. It only comes in Black, but I am sure you will agree with me this seems to be the best color for this. While it fits the normal body, it also fits the Maitreya as well because this is what Kitty is wearing now.

You can find this too, if you hurry:

Brii Kristen

Kristen is a prize from the Pretty Little Liar Hunt at Brii Underground Wear:

Despite the complex flowery texture in Red and Black, this is a rather simple piece which only consist of... 1 piece dress and a pair of shoes for Slink High feet. Who saids you have to be very complicated to look nice?

This really looks good on Kitty, especially with her new hair and she is enjoying herself in the new dress. Guess she would be in the Brii Kristen for a while.

Go find the prize for the hunt and you can get this fabulous dress at $1L:

Petit Chat Beaded Sandals

The Beaded Sandals is the latest footwear from Petit Chat and it is one of the best causal footwear so far because this not only support normal feet, but also Slink and Maitreya feet at no additional cost! What's more you get a HUD to control the finest details on this cute little pair of sandals.

And this is the White version.... Wait, Of Course Not! If you are wearing it this way, you have not gotten the HUD working and has missed out the best of this sandals! Let's read the instructions!

So there are 4 sections which controls the various texture from left to right : Beads1, Beads2, Strings and Base. At least that is what Kitty calls it. Now click around and go "Wow!" with the sandals and we will be right back after the short break....
The HUD is easy to use, but make sure you click the top icon before you click the color. As this contains the most favorite of Kitty's color, so naturally  you would expect Red and Black to be in the next photo...

Look at how beautiful it is after all the textured being applied. And this is the best, so you will have to trust Kitty and just buy it! Well, ok, maybe one or two more colors, but not ALL! There are 8 different HUD available for this sandals and comes with similar options to mix and match the beads, strings and base.

Rose are Red and Violet are Blue... So you if love both, then buy the Blue too! The nice part of the Blue version is that it comes with the yellow beads, which are quite striking aren't they? Check out the rest of the colors too and I am sure you will find at least 1 you like!

When the creator, Trinity, said that this is fully textured. She wasn't kidding. The textured even include the bottom of the sandals as you can see here. Look at how detail that is. It is almost as good as real it can get.

This item is being sold at The Book of Daniel fundraising event for Daniel Estro. You can read all about it at the notecard here:

Petit Chat is only one out of the 124 Designers at the event, but would be the only one carrying the Beaded Sandals! LOL

P.S. There is one thing you cannot do like what playful Kitty used to. That is wearing 2 sandals of different color. Well, at least not that Kitty know of. But would you? Or it that just very Kitty...

Petit Chat Holidays Pants

The Holidays pants is a companion pants that goes well with the Holidays shirt which Petit Chat has presented in the Marvelous Event:

The pants are highly detailed and you can feel how fitting it is just from the look of it. It makes good for the casual holidays or simply for easy sports too!
The pants feature a similar HUD and it also comes in 8 different colors for you to choose and match whatever you are wearing.

The tight fitting on the pants ensure your body curves are nicely presented without the baggy and dragging feel of loose pants. This makes it a good choice for walks and jogs during the coming fall.

It does look good, especially together with the Holidays shirt designed for this. Plus you have 64 possible combinations of colors if you get them both!

You will find the Holidays pants for sales as individuals colors (L$90) or together as a fatpack ($390) at the Marvelous Monthly event:

Petit Chat Holidays Shirt

Petit Chat is having a new tunic shirt for the Marvelous Event so Kitty is going to show you the nice shirt named "Holidays"!

The first thing you will notice about the shirt is how smooth and detail it is. That is one of the feature of the Mesh tunic. But that is not all, the shirt comes in 3 different colors and it is selectable from the included HUD!
As you can see, the HUD is simple and easy to use and there is a easy hide button which hides the HUD from view.

The Holidays shirt comes in different sizes from XXS to L and of course fitted is included too with the alphas. There is also a combined alpha if you are wearing the Holidays Pants as well!

As you can see, the Holidays shirt is pretty and has a great great effect under the right light too for photos. It is good for all the casual moments where you can spend your time this holiday without pressure.

This is featured at the Marvelous Monthly event.
Do let your hair down and grab this 8 in 1 (Fatpack) shirt from Petit Chat:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.