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Petit Chat Daisies Heels

The Daisies Heels is one of the 2 new products showcased at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair.

The Daisies Heels got its name from the 2 cute nice Daisies Flowers on the shoe and it comes with a high sharp heel and a series of colors including the Violet Blue and Persian Red shown here.

Norway Pearl are the greenish and the pure white versions and they comes with support for Maitreya and Slink by default, so they will fit perfectly for the high feet.

What does Muddy Waters and Eunry has in common? Well, they are fun names for the Daisies Heels and both are not bright colors which fits most outfit colors easily.

Breaker Bay is the last color and you would not really have guessed how it looks until Kitty show you right? This is Kitty's favorite in the series and doesn't it matches Kitty's nails perfectly, you got Cyan, Red and White all below the ankle!

Grab this at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair quickly as it's going to end soon:

Or check out Petit Chat Main Store for more:

P.S. There is another piece of outfit with Daisies from Petit Chat. Do you know what that is?

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