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Petit Chat Aztec Sandals

The Aztec Sandals is one of the 4 featured products from Petit Chat for the Mesh Body Addicts Fair.

The Sandals comes in many different color, but Kitty will just skip right to her favorite. Can you guess which color is this? Yes, its the Pink Aztec Sandals!

The sandals comes with a nice colorful bend on top and side and it gives a very fun and different feel for each of the different colors. Can you tell which is the Peach and which is the Pond Aztec Sandals?

Purple Ocean sound really fun right? Even the name is really fun to mix and match, not just the sandals. You can see why Kitty choose to mix Purple and Ocean, not just because of the name, but because it is really fun and cheerful! Now, who says you need to wear sandals of the same color?

Another fun name Kitty came up with is Mint Iced Coffee. The Mint is obviously the greenish one here and Iced Coffee is mixed with light brown and blue. Both of these are good for a walk in the sunlight.

The last color is Graphite. Nope, there is no black.... That is why Kitty did not mentioned her favorites :) But Graphite is like the closest you get to black as it comes in the darker shades for mixing outfit with less bright colors.

The Mesh Body Addicts Fair runs til 21 Aug, so you should not be waiting if you want to check out these sandals!

Visit the Mesh Body Fair at:

Or check out Petit Chat Store for other products from Petit Chat:

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