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Bare Rose Baseball T&S C2Mr

There is a new outfit from Bare Rose for the Maitreya Mesh Body and it comes in 4 colors Tee Shirt Tops and a Shirt version, so it is like you are getting 5 outfit for the price of 1! Since this is C2, you can be sure there is another C1 version as well. The Mr indicates this is for Maitreya Mesh Body.

Let's see the Shirt version. It is black with white stripes and comes complete with a tall boots. There is a default logo, but the logo can be customized too!

The Pink Tee Shirt is mainly white, but with long Pink sleeves to protect you from the weather as well as the sports. There is also a visor which you can put on to prevent blinding from the sun as well!

Here is the back view of the Tee Shirt in the Red version and you can see the default back logo here. Then of course you can also customize that to something else.

If you have any doubt about running in this outfit, Kitty is going to put that away. Here is Kitty running in the Blue version of the Baseball outfit and she is fast as the wind!

The final version is Yellow which is as stylish as this can get. With this great outfit, the game is just going to be a easy walk in the park.

Get your Baseball T&S C2Mr at Bare Rose:

Don't forget to check out other version of Baseball outfit there too!

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