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Bare Rose Kagero Mr

The Kagero Mr is a fairy looking outfit for the Mesh Body Maitreya Lara from Bare Rose and it comes in 2 colors - Blue and Green.

Kagero is Mayfly in Japanese and you can be sure that there are cute little wings like a nice lady Mayfly in the outfit! There are even a nice head ribbon that looks just like the feelers on the Mayfly!

The Blue outfit feature a light blueish tone on the ribbon belt as well as the long high boots in the outfit. But otherwise, the silk dress and sew pattern is the same for the Green version as well.

There is also a version with the Boots, Ribbon and Top in Green is Blue is not your color and it does not cost you any more because it is all in the same package.

Get your Mayfly outfit by visiting Bare Rose and look for Kagero Mr:

Check out the other options too for other body configurations!


Bare Rose Baseball T&S C2Mr

There is a new outfit from Bare Rose for the Maitreya Mesh Body and it comes in 4 colors Tee Shirt Tops and a Shirt version, so it is like you are getting 5 outfit for the price of 1! Since this is C2, you can be sure there is another C1 version as well. The Mr indicates this is for Maitreya Mesh Body.

Let's see the Shirt version. It is black with white stripes and comes complete with a tall boots. There is a default logo, but the logo can be customized too!

The Pink Tee Shirt is mainly white, but with long Pink sleeves to protect you from the weather as well as the sports. There is also a visor which you can put on to prevent blinding from the sun as well!

Here is the back view of the Tee Shirt in the Red version and you can see the default back logo here. Then of course you can also customize that to something else.

If you have any doubt about running in this outfit, Kitty is going to put that away. Here is Kitty running in the Blue version of the Baseball outfit and she is fast as the wind!

The final version is Yellow which is as stylish as this can get. With this great outfit, the game is just going to be a easy walk in the park.

Get your Baseball T&S C2Mr at Bare Rose:

Don't forget to check out other version of Baseball outfit there too!

Petit Chat Daisies Heels

The Daisies Heels is one of the 2 new products showcased at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair.

The Daisies Heels got its name from the 2 cute nice Daisies Flowers on the shoe and it comes with a high sharp heel and a series of colors including the Violet Blue and Persian Red shown here.

Norway Pearl are the greenish and the pure white versions and they comes with support for Maitreya and Slink by default, so they will fit perfectly for the high feet.

What does Muddy Waters and Eunry has in common? Well, they are fun names for the Daisies Heels and both are not bright colors which fits most outfit colors easily.

Breaker Bay is the last color and you would not really have guessed how it looks until Kitty show you right? This is Kitty's favorite in the series and doesn't it matches Kitty's nails perfectly, you got Cyan, Red and White all below the ankle!

Grab this at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair quickly as it's going to end soon:

Or check out Petit Chat Main Store for more:

P.S. There is another piece of outfit with Daisies from Petit Chat. Do you know what that is?

Petit Chat Aztec Sandals

The Aztec Sandals is one of the 4 featured products from Petit Chat for the Mesh Body Addicts Fair.

The Sandals comes in many different color, but Kitty will just skip right to her favorite. Can you guess which color is this? Yes, its the Pink Aztec Sandals!

The sandals comes with a nice colorful bend on top and side and it gives a very fun and different feel for each of the different colors. Can you tell which is the Peach and which is the Pond Aztec Sandals?

Purple Ocean sound really fun right? Even the name is really fun to mix and match, not just the sandals. You can see why Kitty choose to mix Purple and Ocean, not just because of the name, but because it is really fun and cheerful! Now, who says you need to wear sandals of the same color?

Another fun name Kitty came up with is Mint Iced Coffee. The Mint is obviously the greenish one here and Iced Coffee is mixed with light brown and blue. Both of these are good for a walk in the sunlight.

The last color is Graphite. Nope, there is no black.... That is why Kitty did not mentioned her favorites :) But Graphite is like the closest you get to black as it comes in the darker shades for mixing outfit with less bright colors.

The Mesh Body Addicts Fair runs til 21 Aug, so you should not be waiting if you want to check out these sandals!

Visit the Mesh Body Fair at:

Or check out Petit Chat Store for other products from Petit Chat:


Petit Chat Nacre Bracelet

Nacre is a new bracelet from Petit Chat and it is part of the summer collection which is 100% mesh.

The first color is Blue which is cooling especially in this hot summer!

The Green Nacre gives out a clear and refreshing feel to your outfit!

The last color is Kitty's favorite and it is Pink, which goes nicely with this mysterious dress which Kitty will blog about soon. don't you think the bracelet looks perfect for the dress?

This item is for the Womenstuff hunt which will run from 1-31 Aug 2016. So come over to Petit Chat Main Store and find out more:


Brii Hollywood Divas Hunt

For the month of August, Brii Underground Wear is having another 10 outfit at $1L for the Hollywood Divas Hunt. There comes in nice range of color from blue, black to white, so there are definitely something for everyone!

Start you hunt today:


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