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Petit Chat Sophia Heels

The Sophia Heels is a set of colorful heels for the rigged and non rigged and therefore also support Maitreya and Slink!

There is no complete set of show without a Red variant and it is not too bright, so you can look so elegant without attracting too much attention to yourself unnecessary.

Similarly the Pink is not bright as sweet pink, but definitely lighter in tone than red and don't you think Kitty's feet feel perfectly fitted in these. Well also because its Slink too. :)

The classic Grey is not a usual color but definitely a very good to have because it matches black or white outfit perfectly. Look at those ribbbons and the lace side! Aren't those cute?

Of course if you have more than a pair, you can mix and match them since the Sophia comes as a Right and Left heel so it is not compulsory to put on both of the same color and even not at all. Here is the Green and the Brown. Can you see the little Petit Chat logo on the shoe? They are mirrored accordingly too!

And Blue can be a cheerful pair of heels too. Look at Kitty at the sea with it and from the texture you can tell it is good material in the light. Just take it slow on the beach and maybe running is not such a great idea, but otherwise, have fun with the Sophia Heels on this sunny summer!

The Sophia Heels is available at the EVA event still, so hurry:

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