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Petit Chat Love Paris Dress

The Love Paris is a set of dress from Petit Chat for the WomenStuff 2016 Event.

The first look you should understand why the dress is named "Love Paris". There is a big Eiffel Tower right on the dress and Kitty is going to show you the dress in the various color available starting with this Peach.

Serenity is a peaceful blue/purple color which is cooling in coloring and definitely for the summer! 

And Rose is such a sweet name that it has to be one of this light reddish color in the serie. Kitty feels the tower really stands out on this color.

Limpet Shell is a favorite from Petit Chat and it is a nice cooling color like Serenity but more vibrant and can you spot the nice texture of the dress in the setting sun?

If there is a color for those coffee break, then it has to be Iced Coffee which is lighten that the typical Americano, but definitely coffee looking. This color goes well with most dark color accessories too. 

Grey does not have to be dull and boring as proven by Love Paris and in fact might just be the right color if you want to be just subtle under the bright sun. 

Brick is exactly what bright red under the sun would be and you can expect nothing less, but it is cleverly accompanied with a lighter tone dress piece so that the color is not just uniformly just red. 

The last color is Anthracite which is nicknamed "Panda" by Kitty because it has Black and White on it and being naturally contrasted, it also makes the top stands out well. The Eiffel Tower is in golden tint to make it visible on the black top. You bet this is one of Kitty's favorite!

Get your favorite "Love Paris" at the Womanstuff 2016 event and tell Kitty what is your favorite color:

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