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Petit Chat Heaven Blindfold

The Heaven Blindfold is a new set of Blindfold from Petit Chat and it is sold exclusively at the Marvelous Events now!

The blindfold feels silky and it comes in 6 colors so there is definitely one for you. Sky is the light bluish one Kitty is wearing now and the blue really stands out. It is also very opaque so there is no cheating in the hide and seek game. Hei, where is everyone?

Rose is light redish and it is almost pink but it is like the bloom of the baby rose. This sweet color is for any girl who loves... blindfold. Well, you can always keep one handy if case when you want to sleep in the bus or something in the daylight.

Black is kind of a must for blindfold because it go so well with anything. Even purple color hair! Did you notice how you can stretch the blindfold because its not fixed and you can even adjust how much hair you want stuck inside or out!

Caramel almost sound delicious and here is a back view of the Heaven blindfold showing the nice touch of the bow tie behind your hairs. It feels comfortable and not too tight. Luckily. now stand still and put the apple on you head while I threw this dagger at you.... Stop, Don't run!

And instead of showing you Purple when Kitty had the purple hair, here is it instead so I do not spoil the surprise. I am sure you can find a need for a Purple blindfold even if you are not wearing purple hair. 

The last color is Red which is the perfect color for this outfit and hair. Red like the deep rising sun. Don't you think Kitty is hot?

The Heaven Blindfold is available at the Marvelous Monthly fashion event at:

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