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Otogi Emaki - Japanese Fairy Tales Quest

The Otogi Emaki is a Japanese Fairy Tale Quest which is held at the Milky Kimono Sim and it features all the favorite and well known fairy tales which you can now be part of it and you get to have many nice prizes too!

First, you need to grab yourself a FREE HUD to start. Choose either Japanese or English here:

Then you will need to look for sign boards like this one which starts one of the 8 stories in the quest.

In your quests, you will be part of many fairy tales and you will even help the crane makes clothes.

Or fight the ghosts with the dog, monkey and pleasant as Momoko! (You can't expect a girl like Kitty to be called Momotaro right?)

Ride the turtle to the fabled under water palace and lost 200 of your years!

Dance with the underwater princess... bear? LOL

Do some community work and help clean up the sakura petals!

Start your hunt today at Milky House:

Official Blog (in Japanese) :

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