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Bare Rose Milkyway

Milkyway is a new release from Bare Rose that is a fantasy based outfit and is it like nothing else and simply out of this world! 

The outfit is in bright yellow and purple and it has even includes a Hagoromo which are the flying silk robes which is generally featured in Eastern goddess. Milkyway is definitely the look of a modern goddess with the mini skirt, robes, ribbon and a tiara to top it up.

Here is a close up of the sparkling look of the Milkyway. You might want to put on your shades because it is so bright and shiny. Ever wonder how it feels like being a Chinese Fairy or Japanese Goddess? This is your chance!

This is a view of the back of the Milkyway where you can see the nice yellow ribbons with transparency over the purple silk robes. Don't you think the back of the outfit is already enough reason for you to stop and look! 

This fantastic goddess outfit is available at Bare Rose Main Store:

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