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Prim Possible Large Ottoman

The Large Ottoman Kitty is showing you today isn't a standalone furniture. In fact it is part of the  Prim Possible Corner Sofa Mesh and Kitty had not place it before but this comes with its own set of 40+ animations and it is perfect on its own or together with the Corner Sofa:

For a start there are 2 sections of the Ottoman and you can change them separately with a large variety of choices or you can select a top pick which has some paired texture. Feel free to find one that fit into your house.  

There are lots of poses including lying and sitting for both girls and boys and who could imagine you can have so much fun on a simple Ottoman barely this big. Well, this certainly is a good addition in case you have so much guest that you have to let them sit somewhere. And certainly not the floor. So why not a 1 Prim Ottoman from Prim Possible?

And there are also plenty of poses for just being lazy around. The good thing about this is that you can just leave it around since it doesn''t take up too much space or prim and it is the perfect addition to the corner sofa as well.

Now Kitty is going to take a nap, so you will have to go check this out on marketplace:

And that's the Adult version. The PG version was in the previous post.
Of course you are free to go try out the furnitures at the Prim Possible Store too:

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