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Petit Chat Secrets Jewellery

Secrets is a nice piece of jewelery necklace from Petit Chat for the EVA event and it comes in 5 great colors!

Teal is a nice cooling look with a matured touch to this modern jewelery piece.

Red is always welcome as a color be it for outfit or for jewelery. Doesn't the Red Secrets looks good for just about any occasion?

If you prefer something lighter in tone, there is always the Mauve which is less bright, but has its own subtle temptation that you cannot say no to. 

Brown gives a natural feel to the necklace and it is as natural a color as you can get. 

If its attention you seek, there is always Fuchsia which will always promise to turns some heads. It's a girl's right to have some fun teasing.

Grab yours at the Eden of Virtual Arts (EVA) Event:

Otherwise it would be available in the Petit Chat Main Store at:

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