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LR Ananke Bow

The Anake Bow is LR entry to the We Love Roleplay event and this bow is so packed with features that it barely fit into the poster. But Kitty as usual will concentrate on the looks and feel because it is what a picture can tell you.

There are 2 position to sheath your bow and one of them is on your butt back and another over your shoulder. Both looks impressive and the arrows are bow can be customized with a array of colors and texture which later Kitty will show you. Beside that, the bow is tied with a string grip and you can even tell the string of the bow is thick and strong so you can give it your best pull without worry of breaking it.

When griped the bow can be resized easily and from the look you can be sure the bow is tough as a staff so do not tempt Kitty to knock you on your head with it because it will really hurt. That makes this nearly as deadly as a melee weapon (in roleplay) anyway as a distance weapon.

The grip of the bow is good and it pulls easily. You can tell it is almost effortless for Kitty to use this strong bow. This bow is compatible with most system, has anti-cheat build in and lots of other great feature which can be found in the readme. And most importantly, it looks nice, especially with a hud that you can customized the bow, the band as well as the quiver! With a bow like this... Nobody is going hungry anytime soon... Giggles... Pun intended!

Looks at the choices you have and this you only get with this bow, unlike other generic hud such as arrow and LR HUD. Why get a bow that you need to fit into when you can get a bow that fit into you!

And another good news is that you can get this bow at 25% off now at the We Love Roleplay event:

Or pay the full price later on at the LR Main Store (but its still worth it!):

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