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Kiyomizu Summer 2016 Treasure Hunting

Kiyomizu Hunt is always something unique and you need to quickly do it in order to get the most from the ninja cats because after a while some of them just stop working (or has given out enough items). So Kitty is early this year, but still by the time she completed, 1 of the ninja cats are gone. It is likely shop #30.
All and all this was an enjoyable hunt except #70 POTETO Tokyo was was really a bump. The sim has somehow banned Kitty for no reason after she got disconnected and she can no longer go to the sim (likely for good) for whatever reasons. That totally sucks. And to think that Kitty used to be part of their group too... Well, I guess you get shitty sims all the time in every hunt, so this is no exception. Just watch your back when you reach #70. BTW, Kitty did not find the item which is likely place very far from the starting point or totally non-existence at all. 

 If you need help, you can refer to the guide Kitty wrote for Kiyomizu Autumn Treasure Hunting 2015:

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