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Brii Josecia

Josecia is one of the hunt prize from the June Brii Rock is My Style 2 Hunt:

And there is no better way to show off this nice black and comfortable outfit than under the hot sun in the zoo. Although black, this outfit is totally designed for the summer with all the loose cuttings as well as the chill design to keep you happy and cool all the time. By the way, the purple bunny is not part of the outfit, it is a zoo gift.

Along with a pair of high heel Slink shoe, the outfit consider of alpha for the pants and the top. Wow, now Kitty need to show you just how comfortable the top is. It is definitely cutting close to the PG rating, but hei this is the summer and a girl got to dress what a girl need for the hot summer sun!

Find this in the Brii Main Store today fast:

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