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Petit Chat Nymph Dress

Petit Chat has release some new items for the Penumbra Fashionweek and one of them is this new dress that comes in 7 fantastic color combination.

Instead of being in a single color, the Nymph comes in a color set. Rose here for example is a set with the rosy front and slight red and a cyan green for the back. Oops. I am not grass, sheepy... Stop chasing me,,,

The Nymph is named after a spirit of nature which usually inhabits the rivers, forest etc and it is indeed a great match even as for a farm girl selling her goods at the market. The Purple Nymph is stunning in its own way and it will surely help with the sales.

Peach is a lovely and sweet color and it is reddish bright like a ripe peach fruit. Don't you think Kitty looks delicious? I mean beautiful? 

The back of the Nymph is a cooling outfit for the summer without covering too much of your back and especially good for the hot weather and working on a farm. The Grey Nymph is paired with a light brown back dress and dark brownish ribbons. If the pony where larger, I suppose Kitty won't might going riding in this.

The Green is like... Purple reversed with the front in Green and back in Purple. Well at least if some sheep come trying to bite the dress, Kitty would be able to see it in front of her eyes,

Cream comes with a nice back red to give some life to the color and it is cute anywhere you look at it. The great thing about this outfit is that it is only 1 piece with an alpha and it fits nicely in many poses.

The first thing that comes to mind of Caramel is it probably look like Chocolate. And it does indeed with a tasty looking brown and Black back dress. You might want to avoid going into the woods and getting lost alone though as this could make you certainly very difficult to find.

The last piece is the Blue which is cooling and it reminds you of the cool blue water. This is the outfit to be in to cool and chill off this hot summer weather. Well, even if the weather is hot, it doesn't mean you have to dress hot. Come sit down and show me how much you have in your wallet...;P

The Nymph is sold at $175L at the Pemnumbra Fashionweek which will run for a while more:

Or find it in the NEW Petit Chat store after this event:

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