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Petit Chat Dive Dress

The Dive is another of Petit Chat's feature at the Penumbra Fashionweek and it comes in 6 fantastic fun color. As suggest, this could be use as a swimwear if you like and it is a really unique one.

The Yellow color is bright and cheerful. It is very good for running away from angry predators underwater too. It comes with a main dress plus an addon which is semi transparent and since it comes in 5 sizes, you will always find one that fits you even when running.

The Sky color is one with the blue over a black dress. Notice how pretty the blue color shows over the black due to the transparency? Also, this dress is really size if you have the figure. Zoon in closer and you might know why.

The Rose is a reddish addon over the black dress and from the back view, you can see the quality is consistence and the laces on the chest spread around even on the back. That is one of the really cute and sexy part of this dress.

Purple is cute, purple is also sexy and mysterious. Look at Kitty close up, you can feel the texture. As Kitty used it for water fun, you can be assured that this dress will not melt in water like some recycled wear.

Cherry is Kitty's favorite because its both her color in one dress and again notice how the laces even on the attachment looks so fine and pretty. 

Kitty has taken this photo under a very special setting because of the color of Anthracite. Do you think this photo is the best of the lot? Well, if you have not notice, this is one of the most sexy of the mall too! Kitty love it and you bet you will see Kitty wearing this often as long as the sim permits. Might not be advisable on some rather strict G sims though. This is sexy overload!

Grab this at the Penumbra event while it last:

Or check out Petit Chat Store, but Kitty will not promise it will be there (soon):

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