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Petit Chat Darling Dress

Petit Chat has yet another dress for the Penumbra Fashionweek and this one is called Darling because it is sweet and simple. In just one piece with an alpha, you get a dress with various sizes including fitted that has a good variations of not 7, but 8 unique colors. that's even one more than the rainbow.                                                                                                                                                    

Since Darling is a casual and simple dress, Kitty has decided that she would show you how Darling would look in everyday life. This first one is the Yellow obviously which is sweet and color at the same time, even in the kitchen.

Serenity is now a very frequent choice in Petit Chat fashion and this blue one just feel so chilling even in the old sun of the summer. 

Rose are red so is this dress! Here is a nice view from the back to show you how even a simple dress can look elegant and pretty and one of the reason is that this is material enabled.

Even wonder what Nude would be like? Well here it is. Kitty is also very surprise and curious how nude looks like, but I guess the kitten is out of the bag now. This is a color you would like when during barbecue and definitely not white, because that would be laundry hell.   

Lagoon is the next color and it is not hard to imagine why at all given the color of still water and like the Serenity, this is cooling and gentle. This should be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. 

As if Rose is not bright enough, there is always Cherry in bright red and it sure is striking. This is also one of Kitty's favorite in this series. Which is yours?

Carbon is dark and black and this is exactly how the Carbon Darling looks like, It looks really good even in lower light and indoor, so little black dress are not just for dances and dinners. 

Always top it up with a delicious name like Caramel to make the series complete and this Caramel is not going to melt near the fireplace but it might melt your heart. The darker version of Yellow and the almost golden shine on it makes it really a classic.

Get the Darling in your favorite color at the Penumbra Fashionweek:

And if you somehow missed it, you better have a good excuse and pop over to Petit chat Main Store:

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