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Petit Chat Butterfly

The Butterfly is a new dress Petit Chat has lined up for the Penumbra event and it comes in 6 fabulous colors combinations and besides the normal 5 sizes, you will also get fitted Mesh for  Belleza Venus, Isis & Freya, TMP, Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass.

The Serenity comes in a peaceful blue color with a little pink on the laces and lining. From the how pattern I suppose you would have figured out why this dress is call the Butterfly. 

Rose is the version which is almost like a reverse of Serenity with the dress mainly in pink, but with the blue corset and laces. Rose is what brings out the subtle sweetness in you this summer.

Peach is one of the more striking of the color in the Butterfly series and its reddish color reminds you of ripped full blown peaches hanging all over the trees. It is accompanied by gray where in this case hardly dulls the bright red but serves as a good undertone for highlighting the line laces as well as the huge butterfly pattern on the dress. 

Limpet Shell is an unusual name for a color, but once you realized how the Butterfly looks like the shell pattern on one of these aquatic snails, you will know why this blue and shiny dress is named so. Actually, its more like Kitty's best guess, but one thing you have to agree is how cooling and fresh this dress feels, it makes you imagine that you are in the deep blue ocean.

Lilac is the silver red version that looks like the reverse of Peach to give you more of the silvery on the dress and the lining in peach red instead. This dress is suitable for almost anything actually, even afternoon tea in a snowy garden like what Kitty is having. And that actually reminds her of coffee...

The last color is Iced Coffee. And it is no surprise that the dress itself is in the nice light coffee color with slight turquoise tones on the corset and laces. This is a really elegant color and in fact, makes it almost suitable as a bridal color in fact. Well, maybe not as the bride, but certainly great as the bride's maid. And Kitty is going to wear this for the casual dinner in her sister's upcoming wedding!

This is another dress being showcase at the Penumbra Fashionweek event at:

And of course you are likely going to see this at the Petit Chat Store after the event:

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