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Petit Chat Balmy Jumpsuit

The Balmy is a new Jumpsuit from Petit Chat and it comes in 6 fantastic preset colors that has name that sound more than Starbucks coffee favor than color actually. Now, doesn't that sound fun?

The Balmy is probably not the suit for the grand ball, but it is definitely the outfit for all the casual outfit in this summer! The Sky Balmy is a nice mix of Purple top shirt with a fitted Aquamarine pants to fit the nice sunny day! Ready to go into the fields with Kitty?

The Serenity comes with the top shirt in Red instead and even the nice front buttons and belt are in red. The great regular fit gives the jumpsuit a really good flexibility so you can be all sporty and fun without worry of the constraint from the outfit.

Kitty has chosen to take this outfit with all the rosy red background because this color is call Rose and it has a nice red pants which I would presumed to be rare. Kitty is so glad she has a red pants in her wardrobe now. The Shirt and Pants in this outfit can be put on separately with alpha on their own. And it comes with 5 fantastic sizes as well as the fitted which is what Kitty is wearing now.

Peach is this version and it comes with a nice contrasting red pants with the blue shirt. Don't you think Kitty blends in perfectly in the blossoms of peaches in the garden? The suede and lycra material will looks so good if you have the materials enabled viewer and its waterproof.

This is call Fuscia because the pants are in the red purple Fuscia color and it is the best outfit to be in enjoying the early sunrise in the country side. Don't you think the back of the outfit looks really nice too with the nice fitting for your hips and the cute little straps on the jumpsuit over the brown shirt. Just resist your temptation to push Kitty into the lake to prove this outfit is water resistance.   

Iced Coffee comes with a brown pants and a light Turquoise top shirt. It looks really nice in the setting sun don't you think against the bright light, but the nice blueish top really stands out. Now do you agree that this is a great outfit for the outdoor? Or has this outfit make you want to have a cool cup of chilled coffee now?

You can get this outfit at the Penumbra Fashionweek event now :

Otherwise you can always visit the NEW Petit Chat store after the event:

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