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Brii Jandira Pink Owl

Today, Kitty is going to show you a cute and colorful out in sweet Pink name Jandira Pink Owl Edition from Brii Underground Wear.

Like most other Brii outfit, the top and bottom comes in 5 different sizes to fit all shapes and you get all of them in 1 package. Kitty must feel really cheerful under the sun in this lively outfit. Did you notice the pink owl cap? Isn't that cite!

The outfit comes complete with many accessories as well as the tattoo you see on the shoulders. And most importantly, you actually get a Slink Flat Feet show with this too. That is not too common, so if you have the Slink, you might want to check this out.

There are 3 version of Jandira, the other 2 being : Pharaoh and Lion. Do check them out too at Brii Underground Wear:

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