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Brii Cheshire

This is one of Brii rare outfit which not only doesn't use a mesh body, but it is a Neko in fact... Sort of anyway. This is the Cheshire Cat outfit for the Brii Alice in Wonderland Hunt:

And it feels good to be the wise and crafty cat in the story and not just that, but in bright Blue!

The great thing about being Cheshire Cat is that you can be as playful as you want and it cannot get any worse by sitting on the Red Queen's throne. The Huge tail of the Cheshire cat is just so cute I doubt the Red Queen will go around chopping off Kitty's head. Or would she? Let's not stay long enough to find out.

Brii can make any outfit sexy and cool. And this is not exception. Even as Cheshire cat, there are plenty of reason to be sexy, fun and playful. Although this outfit comes only in a few pieces, it has all the ingredient to cook up a fun and catchy outfit.

And the good news is that since this is a hunt item, it is only at $1L. If you can find it at:

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