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Bare Rose Lamelamelar

Lamelamelar is a cute name for an outfit and you can be sure the outfit is as cute as it sound! Kitty is going to try out this new outfit from Bare Rose which comes in Red and Purple, for the same price and not sold separately.

The Lamelamelar comes mainly in Black and with the option side trims. This is the Red version which looks really good and cute, especially the huge ribbon on the hair. Choose a cuite hair and dolly face and you are sure to even melt the hardest of hearts.

The outfit is Mesh and it fits nicely and comes complete with hand bands, stockings and shoes. So you will probably not need anything else. What's more is that you can be in many position and it will still fits pretty good, like how Kitty is posing for you now. 

The Purple version is colder in color temperature a compared to red, but definitely just as stunning. Here is a close up of the outfit to show you just how detail and real the texture look like. 

Even on the back, the outfit is so ever stunning. Bare Rose outfit are usually very detail from which ever angle you are viewing and this is no exception. See how the laces and lining can even be clearly distinct even at this distance.

This outfit is so good that Kitty just love it so much and here is a bonus extra close up picture where you can see the inscription on the shoulder pieces and feel the soft laces from the purple trims. If you look close enough, you can even see the detail on the studs on the chest pieces. This is almost like a studded armor in fact. And did I mentioned the Huge and Cute ribbon? 

You can have not one, but both colors at $190L at Bare Rose Store today:

P.S. Look for the C2 too which comes with 2 more exciting colors!

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