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Petit Chat Lorelei Dress

Lorelei is the last item released in May and Kitty is just in time to finish review it. It is named after the goddess of wind and you can be sure it is cool and this dress is almost like a super heroine uniform!

Lorelei comes in 8 colors combinations with the dress and belts in selected colors. It comes with 6 sizes including fitted mesh and the first one here is water which is clear, cooling and you can see why Kitty enjoy dancing in it.

The next is salmon and it is probably a related color with water because... well its fish and water... :) It is light in color and comes with a nice belts and a cool chest cutting and sleeveless to really make this summer a cooling one.

The Purple Lorelei is almost out of this world and you seldom comes across a bright and cheerful purple like this. This would be a good addition to the wardrobe. 

Well, how's a Lorelei Grey then? This give you a choice if you are not all into bright and shiny color. The Grey is subtle, but yet elegant and it is great for a casual dinner where you do not want too much attention. 

The Fuscia is becoming one of Kitty's favorite because it is rich in color and yet it is not overly bright. Fuscia is most suitable for more formal occasion where you really want to look good, but not too childish.

Chocolate sound like a delicious color and it can be. The texture is the most obvious in this color and you can almost feel like its dragon scale on Kitty body. Kitty can assure you that it is a really good +5 armor too if you decide to rp it that way. :)

Although its not Xmas, but who saids you cannot take a picture in North Pole in the summer. This is the Brick color which is unique and doesn't it reminds you of the hard and strong brick on the little pig's house. Well power and strength is exactly what this dress radiates!

The last color is Anthracite and it is darker and easily allows you to hide in the shadow and dark of the night. Kitty would imagine this could be a assassin unique, but of course Kitty is pretty sure the creator did not mean it this way. Well Kitty has chosen a dark background to show you how well this color can hide. Beside of the shadow because Kitty might just be lurking around in the Anthracite Lorelei.

You can get any or even ALL of these colors of Lorelei at Petit Chat Main Store (soon):

Petit In Chains Dress

The In Chains Dress is a new release from Petit Chat for May and Kitty better finish telling everyone before May is actually over. This is a dress in 6 sizes including fitted and comes in 8 fantastic colors!

Not sure if the creator will agree, but In Chains is almost like Chainmail in Fashion to Kitty. Especially this Steel color. The black shiny color almost make Kitty look like a Knight in Black?

The chains looks good even on the Rose color which gives it a softer touch of feminine and still it probably tough due to the chain. You won't be tearing this dear anytime soon.

The Purple comes with a darker inner shirt as compared to pink and it does look good with the dark chains too. Who would have thought chains could look so good.

Because the dress comes in various sizes, it is extreme stretchable too and if you choose the right size, you can easily sit down and enjoy the freshness of the grass like Kitty in the Peach In Chains.

In Chains comes with a color named Old Rose which is somewhat like Rose, but darker and yet not as dark as Purple. Well, there is a color for everyone and Kitty is kind of fond of this one too.

Fuscia comes with the Magenta like chain mail (hehehe if you can still call it that today) and a pinkish inner shirt. This is what Armor in Fashion means! 

For you who like more natural color like Emerald, it has the nice greenish chains with an emerald shirt. It does looks almost like Kitty is wearing jade itself.

In Chains Blue is the last color and it is one of the coolest color because it feel... chilling and not as hot. Perfect for this unbearable hot summer ahead. Definitely a great way to feel the wind and cool down.

Come down to Petit Chat Main Store and you might be lucky to even see Kitty there promoting for the In Chain Dress:


Petit Chat Dive Dress

The Dive is another of Petit Chat's feature at the Penumbra Fashionweek and it comes in 6 fantastic fun color. As suggest, this could be use as a swimwear if you like and it is a really unique one.

The Yellow color is bright and cheerful. It is very good for running away from angry predators underwater too. It comes with a main dress plus an addon which is semi transparent and since it comes in 5 sizes, you will always find one that fits you even when running.

The Sky color is one with the blue over a black dress. Notice how pretty the blue color shows over the black due to the transparency? Also, this dress is really size if you have the figure. Zoon in closer and you might know why.

The Rose is a reddish addon over the black dress and from the back view, you can see the quality is consistence and the laces on the chest spread around even on the back. That is one of the really cute and sexy part of this dress.

Purple is cute, purple is also sexy and mysterious. Look at Kitty close up, you can feel the texture. As Kitty used it for water fun, you can be assured that this dress will not melt in water like some recycled wear.

Cherry is Kitty's favorite because its both her color in one dress and again notice how the laces even on the attachment looks so fine and pretty. 

Kitty has taken this photo under a very special setting because of the color of Anthracite. Do you think this photo is the best of the lot? Well, if you have not notice, this is one of the most sexy of the mall too! Kitty love it and you bet you will see Kitty wearing this often as long as the sim permits. Might not be advisable on some rather strict G sims though. This is sexy overload!

Grab this at the Penumbra event while it last:

Or check out Petit Chat Store, but Kitty will not promise it will be there (soon):


Brii Jaciara

The Jaciara is a Punk style outfit from Brii Underground Wear, which is also happens to be a new free gift in the store. Let's check this out!

The outfit consists of a top with the beautiful picture of a jaguar and this the name. There is also a nice camo shorts as well as a pair of long sneaker and a cool sunglasses. So, it will not be hard to conclude that this is the perfect gear for a sporty outdoor day of fun!

Here is a close up of the sunglasses as well as the sexy cute top with the fierce looking Feline. Isn't this awesome?

Grab this free for now at the Brii Main Store:

Petit Chat Darling Dress

Petit Chat has yet another dress for the Penumbra Fashionweek and this one is called Darling because it is sweet and simple. In just one piece with an alpha, you get a dress with various sizes including fitted that has a good variations of not 7, but 8 unique colors. that's even one more than the rainbow.                                                                                                                                                    

Since Darling is a casual and simple dress, Kitty has decided that she would show you how Darling would look in everyday life. This first one is the Yellow obviously which is sweet and color at the same time, even in the kitchen.

Serenity is now a very frequent choice in Petit Chat fashion and this blue one just feel so chilling even in the old sun of the summer. 

Rose are red so is this dress! Here is a nice view from the back to show you how even a simple dress can look elegant and pretty and one of the reason is that this is material enabled.

Even wonder what Nude would be like? Well here it is. Kitty is also very surprise and curious how nude looks like, but I guess the kitten is out of the bag now. This is a color you would like when during barbecue and definitely not white, because that would be laundry hell.   

Lagoon is the next color and it is not hard to imagine why at all given the color of still water and like the Serenity, this is cooling and gentle. This should be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. 

As if Rose is not bright enough, there is always Cherry in bright red and it sure is striking. This is also one of Kitty's favorite in this series. Which is yours?

Carbon is dark and black and this is exactly how the Carbon Darling looks like, It looks really good even in lower light and indoor, so little black dress are not just for dances and dinners. 

Always top it up with a delicious name like Caramel to make the series complete and this Caramel is not going to melt near the fireplace but it might melt your heart. The darker version of Yellow and the almost golden shine on it makes it really a classic.

Get the Darling in your favorite color at the Penumbra Fashionweek:

And if you somehow missed it, you better have a good excuse and pop over to Petit chat Main Store:


Petit Chat Butterfly

The Butterfly is a new dress Petit Chat has lined up for the Penumbra event and it comes in 6 fabulous colors combinations and besides the normal 5 sizes, you will also get fitted Mesh for  Belleza Venus, Isis & Freya, TMP, Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass.

The Serenity comes in a peaceful blue color with a little pink on the laces and lining. From the how pattern I suppose you would have figured out why this dress is call the Butterfly. 

Rose is the version which is almost like a reverse of Serenity with the dress mainly in pink, but with the blue corset and laces. Rose is what brings out the subtle sweetness in you this summer.

Peach is one of the more striking of the color in the Butterfly series and its reddish color reminds you of ripped full blown peaches hanging all over the trees. It is accompanied by gray where in this case hardly dulls the bright red but serves as a good undertone for highlighting the line laces as well as the huge butterfly pattern on the dress. 

Limpet Shell is an unusual name for a color, but once you realized how the Butterfly looks like the shell pattern on one of these aquatic snails, you will know why this blue and shiny dress is named so. Actually, its more like Kitty's best guess, but one thing you have to agree is how cooling and fresh this dress feels, it makes you imagine that you are in the deep blue ocean.

Lilac is the silver red version that looks like the reverse of Peach to give you more of the silvery on the dress and the lining in peach red instead. This dress is suitable for almost anything actually, even afternoon tea in a snowy garden like what Kitty is having. And that actually reminds her of coffee...

The last color is Iced Coffee. And it is no surprise that the dress itself is in the nice light coffee color with slight turquoise tones on the corset and laces. This is a really elegant color and in fact, makes it almost suitable as a bridal color in fact. Well, maybe not as the bride, but certainly great as the bride's maid. And Kitty is going to wear this for the casual dinner in her sister's upcoming wedding!

This is another dress being showcase at the Penumbra Fashionweek event at:

And of course you are likely going to see this at the Petit Chat Store after the event:


Petit Chat Balmy Jumpsuit

The Balmy is a new Jumpsuit from Petit Chat and it comes in 6 fantastic preset colors that has name that sound more than Starbucks coffee favor than color actually. Now, doesn't that sound fun?

The Balmy is probably not the suit for the grand ball, but it is definitely the outfit for all the casual outfit in this summer! The Sky Balmy is a nice mix of Purple top shirt with a fitted Aquamarine pants to fit the nice sunny day! Ready to go into the fields with Kitty?

The Serenity comes with the top shirt in Red instead and even the nice front buttons and belt are in red. The great regular fit gives the jumpsuit a really good flexibility so you can be all sporty and fun without worry of the constraint from the outfit.

Kitty has chosen to take this outfit with all the rosy red background because this color is call Rose and it has a nice red pants which I would presumed to be rare. Kitty is so glad she has a red pants in her wardrobe now. The Shirt and Pants in this outfit can be put on separately with alpha on their own. And it comes with 5 fantastic sizes as well as the fitted which is what Kitty is wearing now.

Peach is this version and it comes with a nice contrasting red pants with the blue shirt. Don't you think Kitty blends in perfectly in the blossoms of peaches in the garden? The suede and lycra material will looks so good if you have the materials enabled viewer and its waterproof.

This is call Fuscia because the pants are in the red purple Fuscia color and it is the best outfit to be in enjoying the early sunrise in the country side. Don't you think the back of the outfit looks really nice too with the nice fitting for your hips and the cute little straps on the jumpsuit over the brown shirt. Just resist your temptation to push Kitty into the lake to prove this outfit is water resistance.   

Iced Coffee comes with a brown pants and a light Turquoise top shirt. It looks really nice in the setting sun don't you think against the bright light, but the nice blueish top really stands out. Now do you agree that this is a great outfit for the outdoor? Or has this outfit make you want to have a cool cup of chilled coffee now?

You can get this outfit at the Penumbra Fashionweek event now :

Otherwise you can always visit the NEW Petit Chat store after the event:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.