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Petit Chat Sativa

The Sativa is a pair of new heels from Petit Chat and it comes in 6 fantastic selected palette of colors including Almond/Grass, Brown/Pink, Cream/Red, Grass/Almond, Pink/Brown, Red/Cream. 

The Slink High feet is required, but you will notice this is exactly the reason why you would buy Slink. For great shoes like these. The Red/Cream is a good combination because it combines the plain white with the passionate red to give you a simple yet sophisticated pair of heels for just any occasion.

Kitty is just being playful here. Because you will get a pair of rigged and a pair of non-rigged shoes in the purchase, you actually can mix and match the Sativa with different combination like this Grass/Almond with Pink/Brown. Well, this is the new fashion and nobody says you have to wear a pair of exactly same shoes. Variety is the new trend!

The Cream/Red is exactly the opposite parts for Red/Cream, but it still give you the outstanding contrast and notice sometimes below the sole of the heels? Yes, real Petit Chat printed logo. Make sure you check for this because this means your heels are the real deal and not some knock off look-a-like. 

Ever wondered how 2 colors like Brown and Pink would look together, well Petit Chat had done it for you and in the Brown/Pink Sativa, you will see that even putting 2 dull colors can still shine very well because of the nice wood and hemp material on the shoe.

Green is the main theme in the Almond/Grass Sativa and it blends well with the grass and green theme, which is the perfect theme for this Spring. Kitty is already feeling extra refresh and lively today!

Find the Sativa Heels at Petit Chat Main Store:

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