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Petit Chat Opal Jewellery

The Opal Jewellery is a set of Bracelets and Necklace which are material enabled. The Bracelet is available separately as Left and Right and that allow you to mix and match different colors if you have more or simple to just have one put on. 

This set of jewellery is totally water proof and to show you Kitty thought, why not do all the photo in her bath tub? And here is it, the first color Red. Doesn't it looks perfect with Kitty's headband and bikini? 

There is 2 different shades of Pink in this series and Kitty had put them on. One of them is obviously lighter and thus named Light Pink. Can you tell which is the Light Pink? This color is a must get. Who doesn't love Pink?

Similar to Pink, there are 2 shades of Green as well and they come in Green and Light Green too. They look good, but perhaps not with red, instead with other color outfit. But you must agree that the green truly stands out almost like it is jade or some very precious stone. 

And lastly, how about a set of Blue to go with the clear water? They do look like some blueish butterflies standing on Kitty while she droves off on her tub don't they?

Well, you can have your own set or even sets at Petit Chat Main Store today:

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.