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Brii Judite

Brii Underground Wear has a new Steampunk release name Judite and it comes with Black and Brown. Since Kitty has been doing all the Black and Red so often, maybe today Kitty will do the Brown for you!

The complete outfit comes with lots of accessories including a cute top hat with laces and a clock on it, a pair of dizzing dashing goggles, bracelets, choker with clock as well as a pair of nice shoe with it. Kitty looks kind of nerdy in it though, but isn't that the point?

Despite the tight and fit look, the outfit is actually quite comfortable and you can see Kitty relaxing in it. You will notice that there is a nice stocking with it too and Kitty had used the Slink applier on the gloves and stockings on her mesh body. Its always a pleasure to look good in nice clothes.

Here you can have a better look at the nice pair of brown little shoes with cute laces and butterfly ribbons. Just the shoe alone is worth getting this outfit for.

Still not convinced enough to take out your purse, you need to see the Judite up close and you will notice how detail and fine the texture are. Do not forget this outfit is also on offer now at $198L instead of $298L at the huge signboard beside the lucky chairs, so what are you waiting for?

Get Judite and check out the Black version too at Brii Main Store:

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