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Bare Rose Vampire Armor Lady

The Vampire Armor Lady is a new black outfit from Bare Rose that is not only cool, but highly detailed because of the material enabled mesh.

The first thing you will notice is that there is a huge sword that comes with this outfit and it is shiny, white polished and very sharp. So do take note of where you swing that.

The outfit consists of many pieces which you can try put on and off to get something you like. There is even a nice cloak that swings and flies in the wind. Look at how it flies when Kitty is running.

Take a close look at the armor up close and you can see how detail it is. For just L$190 I would say you probably cannot get another armor with such fine texture. Vampire? Of course, come let the red-eyed Kitty give you a kiss... on your neck.

Take off the cloak and relax by the crouch. Don't mind my shoes, but there are really clean and shiny. Do not be shy, come closer, sit by my side and take a closer look. Unless you are already teleporting to Bare Rose to get this armor!

Get it before everyone else, this nice armor of April at Bare Rose:

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