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Bare Rose Quickblack

The Quickblack is a leather fantasy outfit from Bare Rose and it comes with the Full Black and the Red Trim version which give you slight variation if plain Black is not your style.

The first time you will notice about this outfit is the huge buns on the hair which is perfect if you have twin tails to go with it, but of course it would go well with most long hair anyway. And if you have watch a certain movie, it does looks similar to the black outfit especially with a bow and quiver (not included and sold separately).  

The leather outfit is short on the skirt giving you plenty of room for some work out running and shooting and it definitely look sexy on the legs. The top has a deep V cut which is also meant for catching some attention.

Together in the outfit is a pair of cute little black shoes and a nice neck ribbon choker which fits perfectly. So it gives a little sense of playfulness and cute kawaii power instead of being all too sexy.

You will notice in good light, not just the leather overcoat shines, but even the buns and ribbons on the hair. This is definitely the excuse ot have your hair tied up.

And here is a back view of the Quickblack with the nice tuxedo black flaps as well as nice lacey shoes. It is amazing how simple this outfit is, consisting of so little simple parts (and perhaps thus Quickblack) and it can look so good. 

It would not be a complete showcase if Kitty did not show you the cute little pair of shoes with the nice dark tone short socks included. The good thing about Bare Rose is that usually most outfit would fit even the most basic of feet with alpha and only specific version would require a special mesh feet,

Enticed? Come get this cute and sexy outfit at Bare Rose:

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